The dark side of Sayed Aiyaz Khaiyum that many in Fiji today are not aware of! In case you didn’t know.


Hey kai,after the bomb explosion you were arrested and ministers son was called to recognise those 3faces and one was you remember!Later day you bribed police and flee from fiji to Australia, guess what your file is still open and the day table turns,victims family will drag you to court,you can run or even flee but you cannot hide,coz the god knows your address.

Today police and militants have sold there responsibility to you khaiyum but its not for too long,justice will take place once again,why worry.


‘It would appear the bomb exploded when the car braked suddenly and turned around. The two people injured were taken to a hospital where they have been placed under armed guard,’ he said.

Police identified the dead man as Gynendra Prasad, 32, an employee of the University of the South Pacific in Suva. The two injured men, also believed to be Indians from Suva, were not named.

Sources told United Press International that the bomb appeared to be homemade, but it was not immediately known if the device had been planted in the car by others or whether the occupants intended to use it.

The explosion occurred at about 7:30 p.m. EDT, which was 2 hours after the start of a nightly curfew imposed by the military following the coup.

‘A security guard discovered the three men parking the car on a seafront road in Suva,’ one source said. ‘They quickly drove off and the bomb went exploded as it was being held by one of the men.’πŸ€”

“HISTORY LESSON from Fijileaks Founding Editor-in-Chief and a stark warning to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum [He was our main 1987 bomb maker, and was guarded in the police cell by none other than a young naval officer called Voreqe Bainimarama, cheerleader of Rabuka;

Khaiyum later fled to Australia, leaving other freedom fighters to carry the can”

17 October 1987, MH Bomb Blast, Suva

17/10/1987 is a day my life changed. I still remember the ballooning of grey smoke that mushroomed from the explosion. The deafening roar of the package that someone had placed beside us at the Bus Stop as we waited for bus to take us home after shopping. The person standing next to me detonating the device. The fear that I couldn’t see my mum, pain I felt that I should have asked her to come with me to buy cream bun.

“What I will remember for ever is the blood, the poor old man sitting between my mum and the package, stomach cut like ribbons, and my mum still alive. I remember her scars that proved that the package was intent to kill and cause as much havoc and pain that to Fijians.

A USP Assignment pieced together by Moses Driver lead us to the bringers of pain, and they were never charged for the crime because they were students.” ( )

The old saying is true, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

Miami Herald – October 18, 1987 –

“THREE HURT BY BOMB AT FIJI OFFICIAL’S HOUSE A bomb exploded Saturday at the home of Education Minister Ratu Filimone Ralogivau, seriously injuring his wife, 10-year- old daughter and a housemaid, authorities said. No one claimed responsibility for the blast, which triggered a fire that caused extensive damage to the residence. Police said the minister was not at home at the time of the explosion, which was the third bombing in as many…”

One of the victims of Khaiyum and Nick Naidu’s bomb making factory in USP contacted me last night after reading your post on this page. He says they still want to see an investigation done to finally bring closure to this dark hidden history of the current Attorney General of Fiji. He is a dangerous, vindictive and evil individual, just like his boy Voreqe Bainimarama. Voreqe knew about his past and the gang of ten that were arrested as part of the bomb makers, from the wooden building next to the SPAS labs. My source, a former military intelligence officer says he was one the those that went to arrest the ten individuals, some students and staff of USP in October of 1987. The name of the USP staff who died from the bomb exposion near the Suva Bowling Club was a Gynendra Prasad. We must ensure that FFP does not come back this year so that this and many other cases like the “Fiji Airways/Waqavuka Invst Scam can be investigated. FFP has so many secrets and corrupt practices and they need to be exposed for being the” MOST CORRUPT GOVT EVER TO RULE FIJI!” The only way this will be possible if we vote them out!

Blessed week,stay strong and keep up the good work.Now you know why Khaiyum is afraid of Facebook!πŸ˜‚πŸ€œπŸ€›βœŠπŸ’ͺ




  1. They’ve been bought by ASK with hefty paycheck. The next government in power must prosecute him if there is enough evidence. So for that to happen we must vote them out but I doubt it will be a fair and transparent election, as I fear there will be another sort of history repeats itself and that is rigging.


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